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Welcome to, the cyber home away from home and Facebook for one velociraptor imitating, introverted writer and all the voices in his head. If you don’t love fantastical worlds filled with the bizarre, the beautiful, the bewitching, and the biotechnological, then you have come to the wrong place.

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Obsidian Threads: The Lost Shards Book 2

Rho has awakened. Its acolytes will tear worlds apart to release their deity from its prison. Any hope of Rho's defeat lies with two people lost in a strange universe. Kaden and Aren must learn to harness all their unique gifts if they are to rival the god of darkness reborn. read more

"...What really struck me, though, was the ending. I NEVER saw that coming! This is a great book, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes their science fiction with a boatload of suspense, and a tiny bit of satire."

Charlie Pulsipher is a were-hamster who writes books that rarely smell like cheese, but always transport you to another place, time, or placetime where cool things happen. The best part? You get to experience these cool things through the eyes of interesting people. That’s the magic of books, a magic Charlie claims to understand, wielding it like some half-trained bookomancer out of legend.

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