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Charlie's Books

Zombies at the Door

We all know it can happen, will happen. Be prepared and have a laugh at the same time. This basic manual will make sure you are ready to face the zombie hordes and walk you through where to meet, find weapons and food, and set up camp. It may even give you hope as you huddle in the bathroom stall at the mall.

Seriously though, don't go to the mall!

The Crystal Bridge: The Lost Shards Book 1

The Egg followed Kaden home from the hospital. This glowing shell transports him to distant worlds, but he's afraid to use it. Aren's sight reaches deep into the souls around her, seeing more than she wants in her friends and teachers.

When she turns her gaze on Kaden, his Egg sends them spiraling across space and time to a world where dragons, elves, dwarves, and peculiar gods dwell. These teens must come to grips with their unique gifts if they ever want to see Earth again.

Kaden and Aren must also decide if they can save more than themselves. Can they save us all?

Obsidian Threads: The Lost Shards Book 2

Rho has awakened. It will tear worlds apart to escape its prison. Any hope of Rho's defeat lies with two teens lost in a strange universe. Kaden and Aren must learn to harness all their gifts if they are to rival the god of darkness.

They will not fight alone. A brilliant geneticist, a furry dwaro, two less than friendly elves, dragons, and a spunky red-haired computer stand with them. But if Kaden and Aren fail to reach their full potential, all of reality will be devoured until nothing remains but Rho.

Book 3 of The Lost Shards

The final chapter of wormholes, magic, dragons, biotechnology, artificial intelligences, and eccentric twin gods comes to an end, answering any remaining questions about Aren, Kaden, James, Penny, and all the other people and non-people you have come to love. Coming 2015.

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